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Q1  How and where do I fit tell tales?

Our dinghy tell tales are self-adhesive, to apply simply remove the backing paper, position the end of the wool streamer in the centre of the adhesive patch and press the patch onto the sail with the streamer facing aft towards the leech.

Jib : It is recommended to position the tell tales approx 30cms aft of the luff, at intervals of approximately 1/3rd and 2/3rd height along the luff from the tack.

Main : It is recommended to position 2 in parallel along a horizontal chord line approx 1/3rd luff height up from the foot.  The third should be placed at the leech close to the top leech batten pocket end.

Q2  How do I fit Optiparts Bow Bumper

Position the Bumper over the bow with the logo facing up.  Pull the drawstring tight and tie each side of the Bumper under the thwart with a loop.  You may need an additional small length of rope to do this.

Alternatively for a more secure fixing a hole can be drilled in the gunwhale approx 15cms aft of the bumper and the drawstring passed through it with a knot tied in the end.

Optimist Bow Bumper

Q3  How to put sail numbers on a laser?

Firstly ensure you have the correct size sail numbers:

  • 4.7 / ILCA4 you will need our 236mm high digits. 

  • Radial / Std / ILCA6 / ILCA7 you will need 300mm high digits. 

You can use either Digital 8 Font or Upright font numbers, as long as the digits meet the minimum thicknesses specified above.

Use the template shown in the links below which show the location on each side of the sail to apply the numbers. Before you start ensure the sail is dry and clean.  If you have removed old numbers first then you can use a mild cleaning solution to remove any sticky residue, we use Sticky Stuff Remover from De-Solv-it.

Lay the sail on a flat hard surface.  We suggest to draw faint pencil lines on the sail to help with lining up the digits.  Apply each digit by peeling the backing paper from one corner or one edge first then work along the edge or away from the corner ensuring no air bubbles or creases are present.  Once applied press the digit firmly onto the sail, preferably with a roller, although using a flat hard object will also work, ensuring it doesnt mark or damage the sail.

Location templates:

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