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At Aztec Sails and Covers all our bespoke in-house Marine products are made from premium grade marine fabric which is solution dyed and treated to ensure maximum protection against the elements and maximum durability.  To enter our Marine shop click here.

Yacht Winch Cover

Winch Covers

  • Marine grade Acrylic fabric offering protection from the elements.

  • Includes elasticated gator to hold securely in place.

  • Fits all standard size winches, bespoke sizes also available.

  • Available in a range of colours.

Buy online here.


Spray Dodgers

  • Marine grade Acrylic fabric including marine grade grommets around the perimeter. 

  • Available in a range of sizes and colours. 

  • Available with or without Boat Name, names are made from marine PVC fabric and stitched in place.  

Buy online here.

Yacht Guardrail Cover

Guardrail Covers

  • Marine grade Acrylic fabric

  • Secured in place with velcro and end drawstrings.

  • Wrapped around standard 15mm pipe lagging that can be easily replaced. 

  • Available in range of sizes and colours.

Buy online here.

Yacht Boom Sail Cover
Yacht Spray hood

Spray Hoods

Sailing Protest Flag

Protest Flags

Boom Covers

  • Marine grade coated Acrylic fabric

  • Excellent UV and waterproofing properties

  • Available in a range of sizes and colours.

Contact us for details here.​

Yacht Mainsail sail stack pack

Sail Packs

Dinghy Yacht Sailing Tell Tales

Tell Tales

Sailing Boat Cockpit Tent Cover

Cockpit Tents

Yacht Cockpit Halyard Sheet Bag

Halyard /Sheet Bags


Cuddy Covers

Dinghy Sailing Toe Hiking Strap

Dinghy Toe Straps

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